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Sadler Bailey, Guest columnist
Printed one:03 p.m. CT Sept. 28, 2017 | Up to date 2:21 p.m. CT Sept. 28, 2017

The pending “Protecting Accessibility to Treatment Act of 2017″ is tragically misnamed. It safeguards negligence and abuse in the well being treatment process and strips from men and women and families the capability to search for jury trials for damage and wrongful dying.

Every 12 months preventable health care errors claim 440,000 lives in the U.S. Preventable errors. And incidents of abuse and neglect in nursing residences across The usa are mounting as the number of Us residents aged 65 and more mature grows to one in five by 2030.

Jury trials allow men and women to maintain entities, this sort of as negligent hospitals, abusive nursing residences, and insurance companies, accountable when they trigger dying or damage. Juries are our neighborhood voice and award damages to prevent negligent behavior. 

If this monthly bill will become law, it will limit jury awards for noneconomic destruction to much less than $250,000 for every single case, regardless of the circumstances. This provision ties the jury’s palms in the most critical conditions of abuse and neglect and leaves influenced families with no real signifies to maintain accountable people dependable.

Some argue frivolous health care malpractice lawsuits trigger good folks to forego professions in medicine push good medical professionals to expend on avoidable assessments to exercise defensive medicine and gasoline the significant fees of American well being treatment which in 2015 topped $3.2 trillion. The arguments are baseless. The evidence is irrefutable that accountability increases well being treatment. 

The explanation for health care malpractice lawsuits is health care malpractice.

Where nursing residence negligence and abuse pervade, financial gain pressures are practically usually the trigger. As well frequently directors forego history checks so they can make a low-priced or speedy seek the services of or personnel inappropriately and go away citizens vulnerable to neglect that prospects to dehydration, bedsores, and, in extraordinary conditions, starvation. 

Picture the pain families experience when they notice their loved one has died from dehydration or uncover a dad or mum has been assaulted because a inadequately run business enterprise prioritized earnings above folks? It is anything we see all way too frequently. It is crushing. 

But when directors place earnings ahead of folks, a jury trial, as enshrined in the Seventh Modification to the U.S. Constitution, offers a way to battle back again. The “Protecting Accessibility to Treatment Act” will just take that defense away. 

Advocates of this monthly bill claim we are in a well being treatment crisis. Without a doubt we are. But it is not one you listen to about. According to the Journal of Affected person Security, preventable health care errors get rid of 440,000 patients every single one 12 months. That is the equivalent of 2.9 jumbo jets crashing and killing all people aboard every single working day. 

The preventable character of these fatalities makes them extra tragic. Sometimes staffing choices lead to treatment blend-ups and dangerous charting errors. At other occasions, people disregard safety protocols meant to reduce surgical blunders.

If 2.9 jumbo jets crashed every day, aircraft would be grounded right up until somebody figured out how to maintain them traveling and folks from dying. We are not able to shut our well being treatment process. But we can retain our process of accountability by trial by jury. 

With patients dying every day of preventable causes and vulnerable nursing residence citizens risking abuse and neglect, Congress should battle for extra accountability. Say no to the “Protecting Accessibility to Treatment Act.” We are entitled to greater than this. And we need to stand together and demand from customers it now, right before Congress requires away our only avenue to battle back again — the jury trial.

R. Sadler Bailey is founder of Bailey & Greer and past president of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Affiliation.



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